Chapter 97-Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Nadeen.

In this chapter, Nadeen talks about her experience going to school in Jamaica as a child and moving to the States where she experienced racism to the point of having health problems. She says because she had an affirming family, later on when she was more in charge of her experiences, she was able to advocate for herself and what she wanted to take place in her life. Nadeen shares the touching story of her mom giving up her place on an international trip to send Nadeen instead, how she was able to later pay her mother back and honors her mother now by getting to the places her mother didn’t reach. She credits her mother with getting her hooked on travel and tells us the events that led her to become a blogger by day, and a medical doctor by night. Nadeen started The Sophisticated Life in 2014 to have a creative outlet in her life. She feels like things changed for her after she took a job in Atlanta, and by trying out different content, she tells us how she began to find her stride.

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