Chapter 98-Siarra of Prepare for Landing Podcast + Your Obsessive Planner

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Siarra.

In this chapter, Siarra shares how she went from not traveling much, to shifting her mindset and challenging herself to explore a new city every month for a year. We get to hear all about her first international trip and how from that trip her mother came to call her brave. Siarra talks about managing anxiety as a traveler, and how she uses planning to help her get through. She also provides some tips for other ways she manages her anxiety and shares a bit about the experiences growing up that led to her developing anxiety. Siarra has been on a journey of self-acceptance and gets into how she has started to truly see herself and love her skin, hair, and body. She tells us what it’s been like building her brands while working a challenging job, why it’s hard for her to find a good balance on social media, and how grieving has been different while much of her family has been sick with COVID while coping with the deaths of her aunt, grandfather, and grandmother.

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