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Preach good talk
thank you ladies

Loved, inspired and enjoyed. Thank you to you both. Dw
dwweeeee, 04/29/2021
on Apple Podcasts

Refreshing and Inspiring Stories of Black Women

Wanda has created such a beautiful platform, rich in substance, and inspiring. Definitely worth checking out and giving a listen. I love that the discussions go beyond surface level questions and really take us into the richness of each women’s journey.
WWF_Pro, 04/12/2021
on Apple Podcasts

Over Coming
Imposter Syndrome

Thank you for your words on your discussion about Imposter syndrome. As an artist with over 20 yrs of experience I have been doubting myself for too long. I am currently working on my first children’s book illustration project and have been stuck because of extreme self doubt even though I have the ability to fulfill the vision of the author. I really needed to hear this podcast and I am a firm believer that God gives you what you need at the right time and this was it.

Many thanks and I look forward to listening to you as a regular part of my weekly routine.

BrinaBear 84, 03/09/2021
on Apple Podcasts


While listening to each interview my mind wanders to far away places. I become courageous and feel as if anything is possible. These remarkable women are living their life by design and are showing us what that looks like through their eyes. Wanda asks thought provoking questions while letting her humor, intelligence and love for travel shine through. Ladies…if you’ve ever dreamed of what it’s like to travel to faraway places in your beautiful brown skin, but have let fear or worry stop you because of the unknown…please listen to this podcast. You will be informed, inspired, and encouraged!
tisha_fever, 06/29/2020
on Apple Podcasts

A Celebration of
Diverse Perspectives

I really enjoy the variety of Black women travelers showcased. They are all unique and inspiring in their own ways. There is no average Black woman traveler and this podcast celebrates that!
FIF_Chris, 06/20/2020
on Apple Podcasts

A show that gifts perspective

I enjoyed this podcast because it opened my mind to another perspective. A Black woman, US Citizen, I’ve lived in Germany and experienced some of the same challenges as a guest most recently on the show that has lived in China. Though true, our perspectives differed and was interesting to hear how she navigates the terrain. I loved that the host leaned in on some questions, sought to learn more, and even gifted her own perspective. If you are looking for a podcast you can listen to that is conversational, grab a few laughs, learn a few things for your next traveling adventures…this is it.
Lolita walker, 06/18/2020
on Apple Podcasts

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Love what this podcast is about

I love listening to this amazing podcast! I love that it features women of color and their inspiring stories. Love hearing the different perspectives. I highly recommend it. Thanks for all you’re doing Ms. Wanda.

Sly Muthoni, 05/27/2020
on Apple Podcasts

Grab a glass of wine, this podcast is legit!

I was invited as a guest on the podcast and thought I’d listen to a few to get a sense of the vibe. Well let me tell you, I am really loving Wanda’s laid back style. Each episode is like having a few girlfriends over and spilling all the travel tea. It’s real, unscripted, and sooo down to earth. Each guest feels like a friend by the time you’re done listening. This is definitely going into my rotation.

Orion_Helana, 11/30/2019
on Apple Podcasts


A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a show like this focusing on Black women step outside of the box. I really love how Wanda is able to connect with her guests.

PickyGirlTravels, December 2019 on Stitcher Podcasts

Love what this
podcast is doing

Wanda asks insightful questions that aren’t just reading from a script. The conversations that are had in this podcast are organic and inspiring and the women that she interviews are incredible. I’m so glad I found this podcast.
ACorinne, 11/24/2019
on Apple Podcasts

Great Podcast

I have listened to four episodes of this wonderful podcast! Not only are the topics and guests interesting, but this is a fun podcast to listen to!

I love that the topics tackle anything from how to travel more on a budget to how travel helps you find yourself! Also love the relaxed conversational style used by interviewer. Will be telling more women about this!
The Nest Keeper, 11/17/2019
on Apple Podcasts

Just What We Need!

What an amazing podcast that highlights female travelers navigating the world on the own accord! It is so inspiring to hear the stories and journeys of other women who are making their own way in the world. This podcast will for sure inspire a new wave of travelers.
Viv21, 10/22/2019
on Apple Podcasts

Love it!

I loooove this podcast. All of the guests so far have been so insightful. I love to travel and it’s so invigorating to hear different black women’s experiences with travel. So grateful I found this podcast.
@alygirl08, 10/09/2019
on Apple Podcasts

A podcast that empowers

I was never really a podcast kind of gal, until I started traveling. And it wasn’t until I started traveling – especially my solo travels – that I realized the strength and courage behind every woman‘s stories.

The women featured on this show are amazing and incredibly inspirational.
WynomaGrace, 09/24/2019
on Apple Podcasts

Empowering and Uplifting!

I really love listening to this podcast. I was a guest and then became a huge fan of the show. The women that she interviews from episode to episode have so much to offer. I always feel uplifted and empowered after I listen to an episode. As someone that enjoys travel it’s always great to hear about other women’s travel experiences, but also how they make travel work while growing a business and being an entrepreneur.
ProducerMoni, 09/22/2019
on Apple Podcasts

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