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Hey love! My name is Wanda and I’m so glad you found your way here. The Black Women Travel Podcast is published every single Sunday just for you.

I love having in-depth conversations about where and who a woman came from, how she gets through her challenges, and how travel has impacted her life.

I hope you see yourself more clearly by hearing these stories, and if it’s right for you, I hope you’re empowered to take intentional action in your own life 🤍

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Stories of Black Women

Wanda has created such a beautiful platform, rich in substance, and inspiring. Definitely worth checking out and giving a listen. I love that the discussions go beyond surface-level questions and really take us into the richness of each women’s journey.

WWF_Pro, 04/12/2021
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Hi, my name is Wanda. I’ve been working and traveling as a digital nomad since 2016. It’s been my mission to create conversations, resources, and community to bring Black women together as we embrace wholeness, travel better, longer, and make money online.

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