I can give you the gist of what I do . . .

Hi, my name is Wanda and I’m a Community Manager, Podcaster, and Event Producer focusing on Black women travelers.

I’ve been working and slow traveling as a digital nomad since 2016.

I’m proud to have been the first to create digital spaces specifically for Black women travelers starting in 2017.

But that’s not necessarily who I am . . .

I’m a deep feeler and thinker. I am the tenth child and the sixth girl in my family. I’m Black American to the socks and proud to inherit such a rich legacy. I’m also “Nobody’s Darling.” I’m über creative, believe we can get father as a collective, and am constantly appraising what it means to live an examined life, a life of meaning that’s worth living.

I love tea, incense, fresh veggies and fruit, CHEESE, red wine, or a drenched gin martini, and taking delicious mid-day naps. Probably in that order.

What I’m excited about these days . . .

I love that so many Black women are thinking about and taking embodied action to live lives that they’re proud of. That they’re doing the inner work that allows them to live more fulfilling lives. It’s been my focus to talk in-depth about how to believe in yourself so that you can:

  • travel how you want to travel
  • create money in a way that feels good to you, and
  • consciously create the life you want

From serving my community, I’ve noticed even when given tools and strategies to create an online income, we’re often hesitant to make moves, or be consistent. That’s because part of us, and maybe part of you, thinks you have to work hard, thinks you don’t know enough, or are otherwise putting up walls where there can be open space; where there can be transformation and progress.

That’s why I like to nurture the mindset and “heartset” aspect of entrepreneurship and travel.

If you are undervaluing your experiences, if you don’t understand that you know more than someone else, somewhere else, it’s harder for you to get started charging for your worth. And it takes longer for you to get out on the road and stay there.”

Empowering our community from the inside out is also a practical move. While we’d like to be independently wealthy, the reality is that a lot of us are not, and are far from retirement age.

My hope is that through our conversations, resources, and community, more Black women will be able to know our worth and that we’re worthy so that from that grounded place we’re able to dream big, travel boldly, and create an income that not only feeds our bank and preferred lifestyle but feeds our soul as well.

Engaging in what I call soul work gives us the freedom to finally have a say and charge a fair price for all of the knowledge we have brimming on the inside of us that we may not have had an adequate outlet for. It’s the work that brings us fulfillment, the gift that we often take for granted, and perhaps have not had time or space to truly recognize and explore.

That’s why I say this is an opportunity for you to make money in a way that feels good to you. Because even if you were independently wealthy, and were able to travel as you please, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a sense of gratification and purpose in your life. Pouring yourself into your interests and desires is a gift and a privilege many don’t have the opportunity to explore fully. Just look at the generations of women in your family.

So welcome to the Black Women Travel Universe. I hope you see yourself here and are excited to come sit with us and take action towards living your dreams.

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I’ve Been Nominated!!!

I’m so honored to be a finalist for the Trailblazer Award from the Women in Travel Summit 2021 Bessie Awards. The part that resonates the most with me is “carving out a path for future leaders in the travel space.”

Between our Black Women Digital Nomad Facebook group, the weekly Black Women Travel Podcast, and the International Black Women Travel Jubilee annual conference, I’ve wanted to show each and every Black girl and woman traveler, that’s she’s capable of figuring it out. She can travel for as long as she chooses, make money how she wants, craft the lifestyle that she desires, and she’s not alone in that process. My work largely is about connecting dots around the globe: ideas, people, and opportunities for collaboration and income.

So grateful for the recognition!

I’ve appeared on some podcasts:

IAM791- Entrepreneur Empowers Black Women Travelers-Gresham Harkless Jr. of the I Am CEO Podcast by CEO Blog Nation

EPI 038 | Wanda Duncan-Revelations Podcast with Cole Johnson

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Black Women Travel Podcast-Blackpacking Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

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Here are my video interviews:

Ep 81 Black Women Travel with Wanda of @BWTPod-Travel N’ Shit Podcast with dCarrie

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I’ve spoken at some conferences:

The Creatress Summit

Exodus Summit

1280 attendees booked my session, and it is the most replayed session of the week-long summit.

I’ve been a source for some articles:

Digital nomads told us what it’s like to work remotely from around the world — and how you can do it yourself after the pandemic-Jessica Poitevien for Insider

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My work has been covered by some major outlets:

Coverage from travel bloggers has been just as important:

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with several sponsors and partners: