Chapter 96-dCarrie of Travel N Sh!t

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with dCarrie.

In this chapter, dCarrie, a ’round the way girl from Queens describes a time when all of her friends were getting married and having kids, how she felt about that, and how time has helped her to believe that that kind of life is still possible for her with her health situation in her mid-thirties. She says she fell into travel and lauds travel as a way to further enjoy her time alone, and to have all of the space she likes to process events in her life. dCarrie says that travel has helped her mature as a person, and shares her toughest lesson she’s learned. She also shares an eye-opening moment she had while visiting Vatican City, how a pregnancy after college impacted her relationship with her mother, and the role rest and intentionally not being productive plays into building her business. Shout outs to Binxi, Isis King, Myleik, Michelle, and Taji Magazine.

Check out dCarrie’s podcast that discusses how travel is more than a vacation. She also has two free courses, her mindful traveler course and a solo travel planning course. You can also connect with dCarrie on Instagram.

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