Chapter 95-Yaa of Femmebnb

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Yaa.

In this chapter, Yaa shares her experience of being born in Ghana and growing up in Canada, something she’s wanted to talk about for some time. She inherited her name from her 100 year old grandmother who still lives in Ghana, and she credits her mother with being the pillar of support she’s needed to make it through tough times. Yaa’s work has focused on centering and empowering women and children, and after an experience solo traveling in Europe in 2014, that work took a different direction. She recounts a bit of that experience, but lights up about how she was able to later reclaim her solo travel life, and why it was important for her to do so. Yaa talks about pouring herself into her business, and how she came to realize, after spending a lot of time, money, and energy, that she needed to start over from scratch. She says she actually hid behind her brand, and tells us what happened when she came out as the face. Yaa believes that the more she gives, the more she receives, and is excited about women coming together more than ever. She shouts out Shar from Xpat Inc on the show.

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