Chapter 94-Claire of Up in the Air Life

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Claire.

In this chapter, Claire takes us back to her days of road tripping between Connecticut and Virginia as a child. She recalls a series of decisions she made that helped her to find what she was interested in, some of which included if she’d finish getting her degree, whether she fit in the corporate world, and the events that led her to putting her whole self into her side hustle travel business. Claire says she’s a curious person, and that coupled with her education in computer science processes helps her to continuously tweak her systems and optimize her business so she can do what she loves to do most, solve problems. Though growing up she was interested in being an actress and singer, she’s since channeled her creativity into enjoying food and wine in her daily life. Claire describes how she’s able to give herself clarity in her life and business, and in addition to therapy, how she maintains good mindset hygiene. She also gives us her top two tips for women just starting their business, and who have gained some traction and are looking to take flight. Claire talks about keeping parts of her life more private, the importance of boundaries and having levels of support and protection in business, why she always direct people to her buy now button, and why you should too.

You can connect with Claire on Instagram where you’ll find her links for her group or one-on-one coaching, or to book a trip.

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