Chapter 93-Shar of The Xpat App + #XpatChats

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Shar.

*cue “It’s So Cold in the D”* In this chapter, Shar absolutely glows about her upbringing in Detroit, and as a first generation Jamaican American, her family that got her there, and how they’ve always been the blueprint for a supportive family. We talk about the blessing of scholarships, and how she was able to get on the good financial foot by taking stock of her families situation, and consciously making some different decisions. Shar shares a resource created by her friend Calicia Johnson that helps folks seeking undergrad or masters degrees get access to scholarship opportunities. She says her ancestors have her covered, because no matter where she goes, she meets good people, and walks us through the experience she had in London that made her believe this. Shar lives by the idea of protecting your energy, and tells us how travel has given her the space to drop “it is what it is,” and step into a more affirming life, and how she wants to be treated. Also, be sure to ask her about the time she and her friend had to run across the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. Shar talks about how she’s taking care of herself as a traveler with a diagnosis of Chiari malformation, which causes her to hear her heartbeat in her ear constantly, and can cause her to faint. She also gets into why she chooses to focus her energy and effort into building an empowered community, how the word expat excludes people of color in many spaces, and what she’s doing to remedy that, and gives us advice on getting your community off the ground.

Shar is the travel tech guru for expats through her company Xpat Inc. If you’re looking for your Black expat global community, download The Xpat App, introduce yourself, and be ready to connect. She also shares conversations with expats on Instagram. You can also search for #XpatChats.

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