Chapter 75-Amarachi of Travel with a Pen

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Amarachi.

In this chapter, Amarachi says while flying is very much not her thing, she’s in love with the journies she’s had. She believes that in her Nigerian culture, women aren’t encouraged to travel for the love of it, so it’s been a part of her story to express herself in that way. Amarachi says you can’t afford to not live the life you want to live, and takes us on a discreet trip to Benin where she couch surfed and ended up meeting someone special. She shares her feeling and ideas about the End SARS movement, and we talk about how many parallels there are to the civil rights movement in America.

Amarachi connects with folks through her website, Twitter, or Instagram, so be sure to reach out!

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Be well and travel well <3


    1. Thank you so much for listening! It was such a wonderful conversation. Amarachi is so lovely!

  1. First time listening to your podcast and I loved it (not being bias because you interviewed my sister 😊). Going to listen to other podcasts now

    1. Hhahaha glad your sister got you here. Hope you enjoyed her show and others. Thanks so much for listening <3<3<3

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