Chapter 76-Miss Peppermint

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Peppermint.

In this chapter, Peppermint shares with us how she’s been managing this year, and takes us back to her Pennsylvanian upbringing and active school life. She says her sense of self has gotten her through the crunchy times, and describes the family dynamic and the biggest gift her mother gave her that’s given her self-confidence. Peppermint walks us through the beginning of her drag career, the decisions that created that path, and how she’s been able to grow into her 22 year long career. We get into the difference of working from a place of fear versus working because you’re an enthusiastic creator. Peppermint also opens up about competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 9 in the midst of her medical transition, the impact her transition has had in her life, and the value of being a good person. We also talk a bit about the Disclosure documentary and she shares with us her self-care practices.

Peppermint says you can support her work by tuning into Twitch every Tuesday for Pepp Talks where she and franz review classic Black movies, subscribing to her Patreon, and she’d love for you to cop her new album, Girl Like Me. You can also get merch from her store. Catch up with Peppermint on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Peppermint has been enjoying a song from her latest album. You can find it on the Guest Favorites from the Black Women Travel Podcast playlist on Spotify.

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