Chapter 102-Natasha of Houseful & Associates and We Sow We Grow

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Natasha.

In this chapter, Natasha takes us back to her youth growing up in Chicago with a heavy voice, a love for learning, and in some ways being seen as too white, while in others being seen as too hood. She says she got in trouble a lot for talking too much but laughs at those teachers now since she makes a living from using her voice. Natasha found her sense of belonging through the material she read from newspapers, comic books, the back of cereal boxes, and yes, books. She breaks down for us the examples and characteristics that the women (and a man) in her family modeled for her that informed her ideas about being a woman, being a wife, and being a mother. Natasha shares part of her journey of being Pentecostal, Church of God and Christ in particular, and how she believes the church is growing and making amends. She’s experienced two deaths close to her heart and talks about her come to Jesus moment that led her to seek therapy. She also shares how she started and cycles her time and energy through her sewing business, family-centered blog, and urban farm. Natasha says that though she’s a part of a family of six, alone time is part of her self-care and describes just how she’s able to get that time to herself. Shout out to Caramel Delight, Spinelli from Recess, DW from Arthur, Numbuh 5 from Kids Next Door, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg, Carton Humes NotKarltonBanks, and Finna by Nate Marshall.

Natasha says connect with and talk to her online on Twitter or Instagram. And don’t forget to share her posts while you’re there! Her gardening community is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And her family brand is on Facebook.

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