Chapter 103-Briana of Black Queer Travel Guide, Fringe of Colour Films, and We Are Here Scotland

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Briana.

In this chapter, Briana talks about what it was like growing up outside of D.C. and what caused her first panic attack at the age of seven. While she’s thankful to have had access to private education, she describes the intellectual and physical demands coupled with events in her home life that created anxiety in her at that young age. Briana shares how through self-expression and creativity she was able to feel free in her body, and how moving to Scotland as a young adult freed her up to explore even more of herself and what being well looked like while at university and now in her professional work. She says she got a boost of support from her grandmother to follow her own path and digs into how her rich family history informs how she shows up in the world today. Briana stresses the importance of embracing the creativity that exists in various areas of our lives. And shares her ideas about classism in everyday life in Scotland, how complicated the American Dream is, and how power and privilege operate in our lives. Briana can’t not lead and tells us in-depth about her work to support and uplift Black, queer travelers, filmmakers of color, people of color in Scotland, and YWCA Scotland-the Young Women’s Movement. Shout out to Paula Akpan, Earnestine, and The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Briana would love for your to support her endeavors through donations or ticket sales. Connect with her organizations on Instagram Black Queer Travel Guide, Fringe of Colour Films, and We Are Here Scotland which is on Twitter as well. She’s also involved with the YWCA Scotland – the Young Women’s Movement.

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