Chapter 101-Danyel of Black Girl Songbook

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Danyel.

In this chapter, Danyel reflects on being a young girl from Oakland who loved to read, the complexities of her childhood, and growing up fast with and around people who would later go on to be stars. She says she wanted to be a writer, was getting positive feedback about her writing along the way, and recalls a time when one professor, in particular, pulled her to the side and planted the idea that she could make a living from writing. Danyel walks us through her journey of being and doing that led her to become the first Black editor of Billboard magazine, and the first Black person, and the first woman to become the editor-in-chief of Vibe magazine (two times). She speaks fondly about her career, places of work, and the people she’s bonded with along the way. Danyel shares her ideas about being Filipino and Black, and how while she’s had an impactful career, in asking herself what’s next and how she could be of service through journalism, she started to spotlight those she feels have been overlooked and taken for granted. She talks about her journey of giving Black women in music their flowers through her work, and how uncomfortable it is for her to receive flowers. Danyel believes that much of her life has been occupied with healing from past traumas, and tells us how hard it was for her to start therapy. She says joy and movement are central to her self-care and discusses how important feeling free and experiencing freedom are to her. While Danyel had traveled extensively through work, she says when she started booking travel on her own, things in her life opened up for her globally. Shout out to Charles Muscatine, Raquel, Dorothy Belugo, H.E.R., Janet Jackson, Kelly Evans, Danielle Cadet, Kelley Carter, Justin Tinsley, Aaron Dodson, Jemele Hill, Sheree, Kelis, Cardi B, and Whitney Houston.

Support Danyel by hopping on over to Spotify and listen to Black Girl Songbook, and be on the lookout for her book Shine Bright: A Personal History of Black Women in Pop coming February 2022. Don’t lay in the cut, connect with Danyel and tell her what your favorite song is on Twitter, Instagram, or Clubhouse.

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