Chapter 100-Chrishan of Blaxit Global

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Chrishan.

In this chapter, Chrishan shares the non-linear path that’s led her to create a community of Black people who want to move abroad through her Facebook group and her podcast that she started in 2020. She talks about how she’s given herself the chance to explore the things that have called to her throughout the years, and what it’s been like to let herself find her way. Chrishan says her upbringing in the Bronx has prepared her to manage the twists and turns in her life, and tells us about a life-changing trip to New Zealand in 2017 that brought her to tears. She takes us through gaining weight and what she’s doing these days to increase her overall self-care, how she cares for herself as an introvert building a business, and what it means to her to prioritize her wellness. Chrishan says there are no real barriers to the life you want, only situations and circumstances that you’ll have to work through step-by-step for your staircase to show up. She’s planning to leave the United States in 2023, and has had to be flexible in her planning as her children and mother all adjust to the changes she’s making, and the idea of this new lifestyle. Shout out to Tameika Gentles and Our Rich Journey.

Connect with Chrishan through her website Blaxit Global, check out the podcast, her Facebook group, Instagram, or check out Chrishan’s website if you’re interested in getting help with your digital marketing, or her service to help with creating and marketing your podcast.

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