Chapter 73-Hauwa of She’s Uthman

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Hauwa.

In this chapter, Hauwa gets into the nuance of growing up with several cultures, and how that has impacted her story and image of self. We talk about managing imposter syndrome, and how she’s building her strength from within to be the creator that she is. She also mentions how surrounding herself with friends, who are also creatives, has impacted her journey. Hauwa says that the very process of creating is grounding for her, and tells us how she’s using her freedom to explore the things she loves. She says she doesn’t remember when Ghana became That Girl, and touches on her ideas of how people can ethically move to, or travel in Ghana.

Hauwa has launched her beautiful website! Check it out and reach out to here there! And she’d love to connect with you out loud or in private, and hear your feedback on Twitter or on Instagram.

Hauwa has been jamming to a song by a Nigerian-French artist Aṣa. You can find it on the Guest Favorites from the Black Women Travel Podcast playlist on Spotify

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