Chapter 63-Julie of Frame Ambition

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Julie.

In this chapter, Julie shares with us what it is to be a multi-talented and multi-passionate traveler. She’s an architect who decided to nurture her wanderlust, and has been working as a travel writer, while also connecting with people through her YouTube channel and her email list. Julie tells us about her first remote job as a writer, and how she thought she was rich. We chop it up about how for each person, our relationship needs are so individual, and how comparing our needs to what we see as “normal” doesn’t serve us. We talk about different traveling styles, and how different ways of traveling offer different travel experiences. Julie says in her experience, Kenyans who believe that their family worked hard to move to the city, have a perspective about camping and sleeping outside as going backwards. Julie has been interested to discuss more about how to decolonize travel in Africa, what it means to travel consciously, and how difficult it can be to travel consciously. We also get into the impact of Black Americans moving to various countries in Africa. Everyone knows entrepreneurship is a journey, and we talk about the trade-off involved with figuring things out as you’re working and traveling.

You can connect with Julie on her YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram; she’d love for you to share her work. She also has a free 5-day travel writing challenge you can sign up for.

Julie has been digging a song by Nat King Cole recently. You can find it on the Guest Favorites from the Black Women Travel Podcast playlist on Spotify.

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