Chapter 53-Wanda of The Black Women Travel Universe

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In this chapter, Wanda tells you a lot!!! She gets into family drama, workplace trauma, relocating nationally, and moving internationally, and all the twists and turns that’s come with those decisions. She answers listener and past guest questions, and shares why producing the podcast has been a challenge for her. She talks about starting the Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneur Facebook group, which led to the podcast, which led to planning the International Black Women Travel Jubilee, and now in an effort to create more opportunities for Black women to travel, starting a creative services agency to provide jobs for Black women having a hard time securing remote work. Wanda finally tells us why she’s still in Malaysia, and why empowering Black women everywhere is so important to her. She wants you to know that while you can’t rush your journey, that you have a support system along the way. Also, by the way, she doesn’t mention her dad because he passed just before her seventh birthday (she had to look this date up).

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Wanda loves musicians like Stevie Wonder, and lately Dorothy Ashby. And a whole bunch of other folks.

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