Chapter 51-Ash of Ash Johns

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Ash.

In this chapter, Ash talks about her close relationship with her roll dawg, her grammy, who practiced Black spirituality. She says she wanted to be the change in her family line, so as a teenager took notes on the things she wanted to remember *not to do* as an adult. Ash believes that we are our own security, and that the more vulnerable, creative, and clear we are about what we want, the easier and better life gets. She gifts us with her story, showing how following your intuition is the key to getting where you really want to go. Ash talks about her attitude towards her challenges and gets into how we show up individually is very much linked to our familial and cultural histories. She makes the connection between individual and collective trauma manifesting through women’s bodies, specifically around our reproductive organs. Ash describes what she calls the four layers of money, and how to figure out the money you need to live at all four levels. She also expresses that we are the rituals, and shares how to easily create your own to be more holistically connected in your life.

Ash wants you to know, that as Black people, we have innate spiritual practices, and is making herself available should you need some support in exploring that, and your connection to your ancestors. You can reach Ash on Instagram.

Ash has gifted us with a free meditation and a bonus short video.

Ash has two songs that inspire her, you can find them on the Guest Favorites from the Black Women Travel Podcast playlist on Spotify.

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