Chapter 50-Adalia of Picky Girl Travels the World

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Adalia.

In this chapter, Adalia realized at age 39 that her outer world didn’t reflect her inner world, and she got to work changing that. She shares what that process was like while being the mother of two daughters, and inviting more travel and adventure into her life. Adalia is a seamstress, so her travel luggage looks a bit different. She’s also Mia’s support human, and travels from country to country with her dog. Adalia identifies as an introvert and says she had to get comfortable sharing her story out loud, even if only for the benefit of her daughters. She talks about how she’s been able to foster stronger relationships with other Black women while traveling and working abroad. Adalia tells us about the job she says she shouldn’t have taken in Kuwait, and how different it’s been to visit China, versus living in China. She practices mindfulness with a glass of wine, and wow, can we make this a bigger thing?!?!?! Adalia says yoga and internal contemplation keeps her balanced, and even though she’s diligently tried to eat fruits and vegetables, she’s decided they are not for her.

Adalia wants you to check out her blog where you can sign up for her newsletter, purchase products and services from her shop, and/or if you see a blog post that a friend could use, she asks that you please share it. She also launched her own podcast discussing traveling experiences and resources to help you travel.

This is a quote that Adalia heard while watching the movie Harold and Kumar:

The universe tends to unfold as it should.

From the movie “Harold and Kumar”

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