Chapter 115-Nikki of Buy From a Black Woman

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Nikki.

In this chapter, Nikki starts us off talking about what a G her grandmother has been in her life. Her grandmother became a widow with six children, and Nikki says watching her taught her what it meant to use your gifts and talents as resources and turn them into money. She also glows about how fly the women in her family are and the characteristics they instilled in her.

Nikki says through her work experience, she was being shown what she liked and what she didn’t like about working in the non-profit sector, and after being snubbed for a role, she attended an event that led her to creating Buy From a Black Woman. It started as a blog showcasing Black woman-owned businesses that she was hesitant to share publicly, and after receiving feedback from Black women, Nikki realized that she was on to something.

Nikki believes that everything happens for a reason and that things are happening for her good, so she makes it a point to look for the lesson and the good in the events that happen in her life. She shares her thoughts on friends being for a reason and a season, and her thoughts on professional relationships as well, how she never compromises on centering Black women, and the breakup that sent her packing to Bali, Indonesia to connect with herself. Nikki also takes us back to when she attended Prince’s last concert in Atlanta, and the importance of whiskey and naps in her life as self-care and celebration.

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