Chapter 114-Kim of Afro-Latino Travels

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Kim.

In this chapter, Kim describes the life-changing and transformative relationship she had with her grandmother. Kim’s grandmother took her on her first international trip at seven or eight years old to Acapulco, Mexico. That trip set Kim on a path to exploring the world and studying three languages-Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In a short amount of time, you come to understand just how Kim stands squarely on the shoulders of those who came before her. Her reverence and awe for a people who did so much with little to no recognition shines through and galvanizes her to persist in her own work. Despite her experience in TV, Kim spent ten years advocating to get her TV series Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas off the ground. Her show highlights the historical and cultural contributions of the Black diaspora throughout Latin America. Her dream of airing her series finally came through October 2020 on PBS.

Kim is very passionate about highlighting the resilience of Black people, the importance of Black representation on TV, and encourages us to support these Afro-Latinx communities when we’re traveling and if possible virtually by buying their products, shining a light on their work, and/or intentionally exploring ways to uplift their communities.

Kim takes us back to the moment she was approved to produce her first two episodes of her TV show in Costa Rica and how she celebrated. She shares with us what her family means to her, how her daughter keeps her grounded, what it means to her to be a Delta , and what it’s like to work with tourism boards.

You can support Kim’s work in many ways. Check out interviews on her website, invite her to speak at your school or organization, watch out for her fundraising campaign, and of course, watch her show, Afro-Latinos Travels with Kim Haas. She’d love for you to email her, and when you do, tell her what you think about her work!

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