Chapter 112-Shahidah of Black Girls Learn Languages

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Shahidah.

In this chapter, Shahidah paints the picture of growing up in Brooklyn, being surrounded by different languages and accents, and the culture shock she experienced moving to Missouri as a kid. She says her encounters in Missouri eventually led to her building a community for people like her, centering Black women language learners.

Shahidah tells us about the relationship between her weight and her confidence over time. And says she’s always been confident about speaking up in the languages she’s learning, whether Spanish, French, or German.

After her move to Missouri, Shahidah and her mother moved to Germany while she was in high school. Their time there left such an impression on her that even after moving back to the States and traveling around, she decided Germany was where she needed to be, and was able to make a way to live there after several attempts to relocate. She recounts a story about not feeling safe in Germany and having to contemplate the security of her wig through the incident.

When Shahidah started Black Girls Learn Languages, she made sure to share the images of Black people from various backgrounds who spoke all kinds of languages, so that Black women like her could see how much representation is actually out there. She also gets into why supporting and uplifting Black women is so important to her, describes the two ideas that help her to get through her challenges, and how she’s been able to figure out what works for her to cope with anxiety and various fears she’s had over the years.

Shahidah has a Facebook group and Facebook page, a Twitter and an Instagram dedicated to Black women language learners. Make sure to connect and let her know we sent you!

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