Chapter 111-Sakita of House of Success PR

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Sakita.

In this chapter, Sakita being from New York says she cherished traveling locally as a kid, and doesn’t take for granted all the places she’s been able to travel to since. She shares what it was like being a young Black girl who played lacrosse and it leading to a scholarship to Howard University, where she ended up changing her major from pre-med to Public Relations.

Sakita tells us what it was like growing up thick, with her skin tone, and height and though she never wanted to change those things about herself, travel and time have helped her to view herself more accurately. She describes for us the characteristics that her great grandmother, great aunt, and grandmother gave her, and why she values them.

Sakita talks about her experiences in corporate that led her to quit with zero clients and enough money for one month’s expenses. Ten years later, she’s still self-employed and believes that while some things are specific to her, all entrepreneurs experience a lot of the same things at different times.

While therapy has helped, Sakita thinks not taking things personally has encouraged her to accept the situations she encounters as an entrepreneur. She touches on how she manages anxiety and depression and though she’s experienced people pouring into her, has concluded that loneliness is a reality of entrepreneurship.

Sakita quotes Diddy and says “don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks,” and in addition to learning to celebrate herself more, wants to deploy her resources to bring in more help to support her in her daily life and business.

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