Chapter 108-Christina of Melanin Travels Magic

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Christina.

In this chapter, Christina shares what it was like being a first-generation Guadeloupean raised in France surrounded by family and how instrumental her aunts were in raising her. She talks about France having the largest African diaspora in Europe and how the push to identify as French informed how she identified growing up and what she thinks of that now.

Christina left France for London in her 20’s and says her experiences there helped her to grow up and integrate her English language education. She also started traveling more as she was earning more money and discusses her career in social media marketing, which eventually involved freelancing to escape the politics of having a full-time position. Because Christina was working on big campaigns, she found it necessary, especially when traveling to take breaks from being online. And due to backlash and unwanted commentary from friends and family, for her personal social media usage, she started to change how she showed up online.

Christina took the initiative to spread the good news about freelancing by creating a WhatsApp group to share opportunities and information with other Black women trying to break into the industry. She also graciously gives us her top two tips on making an impact with your social media content. She was unemployed for part of 2020, and gets into how the pandemic has affected her, and the steps she took to network during that time.

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Christina loves afrobeats and mentions a song that gets her going by Burna Boy. You can find it on the Guest Favorites from the Black Women Travel Podcast playlist on Spotify.

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