Chapter 107-Ashleigh Chanél of Make Your Mark Consulting

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Ashleigh Chanél.

In this chapter, Ashleigh Chanél says her momma never told her growing up that being Black hindered or limited what she could do in life. She also learned from her mom to celebrate birthdays to the fullest and was instilled with loads of confidence that she took to the next level as she was becoming herself. She also talks about her relationship with her body and how it impacted her when she started her business.

Ashleigh Chanél does a deep dive into her holistic approach to marketing and recounts the corporate experiences that led her to start her own consultancy and a trip to Italy that changed her perspective on what was possible for her. She drops some knowledge on us about how to create clarity and momentum in our business, and the importance of cash flow, and focusing on the actions you can take to meet your business goals.

Ashleigh Chanél says authenticity is the key to how she shows up and how she likes to experience life and shares how she’s embraced her big dreams and is making her dreams come true. She says she don’t like people in her business, so you won’t see her spilling much tea online and talks about feeling insecure about her life story because it’s not the story typically heard in the streets.

Ashleigh Chanél says she doesn’t see the things we go through as challenges and shares how she manages her life. She also talks about how she celebrates life with the things that give her life, even if that’s water in a wine glass.

Link up with Ashleigh Chanél on Instagram, and don’t be shy, comment on her posts. You can also refer to her folks who need a lil bit of help stepping into their greatness! Here’s her website and her site on funnels.

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