Question + Answer with Wanda Duncan

Hey love!
Sometimes a little perspective helps us to reframe situations in our lives so we can move forward and embrace more joy.

But what’s the value of joy? Isn’t it just a pause in between all of life’s responsibilities?

See yourself living life and responding to your outside world from a more centered place. Imagine if you really believed life was happening in your favor, and not to you.

I’ve experienced how creating space to feel good leads to recognizing your talents, and showing up more confidently in them. Because you have your head lifted, looking out, instead of looking inward to your detriment, imposter syndrome doesn’t touch you. You’re able to be present for the things you want to do without heavily criticizing or second guessing yourself.

Also, everything happening in the outside world won’t be able to disempower you to the point of depression and hopelessness as you practice vibrating higher.

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