Chapter 91-Danica of WatchDanicaWork

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Danica.

In this chapter, Danica shares a bit about how being a shy kid growing up in government housing in Toronto impacted her ideas about the life she could live. Those ideas would follow her into her professional life as she worked at a kiosk selling cell phones to pay her way through college, a company she ended up working her way up year by year until she reached Senior Product Marketing Communications Manager. Lack of representation in the marketing industry in Canada has spurned a lot of her work. She even shares the story of her reaching out to and connecting with Bozoma Saint John who was the head or chief of Apple, and Uber, and now Netflix, and how Bozoma’s career has inspired her. Staying on brand, and making space for her love of travel, Danica took what she calls her Liberty Leave, a six month sabbatical from work to explore SE Asia. The pandemic was heating up when she was towards the end, and she tells us about what that experience was like, and what she learned about herself during her break from corporate. She shares how as she’s become more comfortable and confident in herself, she’s been even more ambitious in her career aspirations, and talks about what it’s like being interested in several things in life while prioritizing twelve hours of sleep every night. She also sprinkles in a story about why, even as a marketer, she quite Instagram for five years. Danica credits connecting with Black women for getting her through her challenges, and gives you advice for how you can find and connect with your people online. She also details for us her best marketing advice for travel content creators and digital nomad entrepreneurs who want to create offers that sell.

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