Chapter 80-As Told by Nella

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Nella.

In this chapter, Nella says travel became a way for her to decompress from medical school, and a way to spend quality time with her friends. She shares with us how she continues to prioritize travel as a medical doctor, and how building relationships with other local travel content creators has enriched her experiences. Nella talks about the impact social media has had on her generation in Jamaica, and how they’re talking more about their lives than their parents to confront various feelings and experiences in life. She discusses traveling Jamaica as a Jamaican, part of her body positivity journey, and comes through with some very uplifting ideas about how to make your life sweeter. Nella also says listening to true crime stories is a part of her self-care, tune in to find out why.

Nella loves to connect through YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or her blog.

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