Chapter 78-FixWith PK

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Petrina.

In this chapter, PK shares her journey of her life in Namibia, when she caught the travel bug, and her transition to living in Portugal. She tells us how from a young age, she displayed some strong characteristics that have led her to be the multi-passionate, high risk taker that she is. PK describes her relationship with God, what keeps her motivated and inspired, and how adventure is a part of her self-care. She says the support she received from her mother and family has helped her to be confident, and she’s taken that to help empower women in achieving their desired life. PK also shares her top three tips for being a more confident woman in every room you step into.

PK would love support on her YouTube channel, and on Instagram where you can get all the women empowerment juice.

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