Chapter 58-Stacey of She Travelin’

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Stacey.

In this chapter, Stacey takes us back to the days of Green Book travel, when at the age of six, she and her family did a cross country road trip to visit family. She talks about how travel has always been an undercurrent in her life, and how she’s shared the gift of travel with her children. Stacey says that while she’s married, her husband doesn’t share her passion for travel, and gives her best advice about how to have a life that centers travel, and maintain a relationship. Stacey never bought into the concept of having a career. Listen in to hear her ideas about making money, and the role a full-time job can play in your life. Raising a family gave Stacey the superpower of time management, which along with keeping a watch on deal sites enabled her to travel the globe. She also gives credit to going to a historically Black college/university (HBCU) for teaching her how to focus on her mental health.

Stacey’s mom passed with the dream of going to Africa. This has fueled Stacey to help Black women fulfill their travel desires, and she now offers support in the form of group trips through her company She Travelin’. You can connect with Stacey on Instagram or Facebook.

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