Chapter 31-Danielle of The Thought Card

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with Danielle.

In this chapter, Danielle talks about growing up taking yearly trips to Haiti, her journey to paying off $63,000 of student loan debt in four years, and starting before you’re ready, which led her to starting her Women of Color Podcasters Facebook group before she even started her own podcast, The Thought Card. She also talks about being financially creative and how she’s intentional about enjoying her travel experiences. We talk about passports > Jordans and the importance of figuring out a way to create multiple streams of income. Danielle also shares her tips for travel budgeting.

You can connect with Danielle on her blog, Thought Card where she shares 7 Steps to Becoming a Financially Savvy Traveler. You can pre-order Danielle’s book Affording Travel on Amazon, and check out her podcast The Thought Card. Danielle invites you to join the Women of Color Facebook Group on Facebook and check out The Women of Color Podcasters website.

Danielle digs the song “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” but she has a twist on the philosophy the song delivers.

Have you heard? You can now become an official Nomad Crew Member!!! If you’re a Black Woman traveler, this is the crew for you. There are few spaces dedicated specifically to Black women, and now it’s our turn and we are thriving. 

The best part about becoming a Nomad Crew Member, is that you get to decide your level of involvement. Are you a casual traveler, or are you trying to take your travel business to the next level? We got chu.

I’m so excited about the episodes you’ll hear that will nudge you to love yourself deeper, and take more action in your life from that empowered place. 

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