Chapter 105-LaToya of Black Girl Digital

Truly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this week’s episode with LaToya.

In this chapter, LaToya remembers always being self-aware, even if she wasn’t fully connected with her purpose, and exploring herself through entrepreneurship. She says that it’s nice to have the support of those around you, but she doesn’t need their validation, which has helped her to pursue every idea she’s wanted to.

LaToya believes that being a loner, though challenging, works for her because her time has always been invested in work and in pursuit of goals different than those around her. She shares with us her experience growing up first-generation Jamaican American, and the impact of seeing her mother go through the process of establishing a foundation in America.

LaToya thinks it’s important to realize when your goals aren’t big enough and what you should do as you’re accomplishing your goal so that you’re not left without direction. She talks about what she does to maintain her personal relationships and dips into what it was like to date during quarantine, detailing her non-negotiables for a romantic relationship.

LaToya has gone through a journey with her body and tells us how if you hit the right angles, you might could look like you’ve had a BBL. She tells us about her transition from Complex to creating an ad network where Black women bloggers turned influencers could secure brand partnerships.

LaToya also shares how to create true brand partnerships that work and her number one marketing tip for content creators and influencers that will help you to create campaigns that deliver. Shout out to Necole Kane and XO Necole, Fashion Bomb Daily, The Cut Life, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Link up with LaToya on her personal Instagram or her account where she shares all of her marketing/influencer tips and strategies.

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